Natural Drug-Free Treatment for Ear Infections & Respiratory Infections for Children

Natural Treatment for Ear Infections & Respiratory Infections for Children

Breaking the Cycle of Antibiotics

Joshua* was only three years old, and he had already spent half of his short life on antibiotics. His parents found that the infections that were being treated were never really going away, and that he was only getting weaker with every bout of illness and with every round of antibiotic treatments.

After awhile, he developed dark circles under his eyes, a chronic runny nose and a frequent cough. He also began to develop more fears, especially around going to daycare. This was perhaps due to his general weakness and his inability to keep up with the other kids.

Parents and pediatricians alike are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of using unnecessary antibiotics on children for respiratory infections and ear infections. Overuse of antibiotics can lead to recurring infections, allergies, over-development of yeast and a weakened immune system. For these reasons and for many others, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended avoiding the use of antibiotics for viral conditions or mild infections in children.

The purpose of antibiotics is to kill harmful bacteria, and only licensed physicians can prescribe them. If harmful invading bacteria were the only organisms killed by antibiotics there would be no problem. Unfortunately antibiotics also kill the beneficial organisms living in the intestinal tracts of human beings. This offsets the balance of the immune system, eventually throwing a child’s general health into disarray.

Constitutional Homeopathy:

In late autumn, Joshua’s parents sought professional homeopathic treatment as a natural treatment for ear infections that continued to recur and, and for the weakness that followed the multiple rounds of antibiotics. By the next spring, his parents were happy to report that although the whole family had gotten the flu and several bad colds over the winter, Joshua did not get the flu at all and his colds were short lived and mild, as opposed to lasting for many weeks or more as they had in the past. In addition, in the time since his parents have been using homeopathic treatment with Joshua, his energy has increased and the dark circles under his eyes have disappeared.

As an added bonus, his nightmares are now gone and his fears have been greatly alleviated. These fears and nightmares went away as a natural course of homeopathic treatment. The reason for this is that homeopathy does not address the disease, rather it addresses the general health of your whole child on both a physical and an emotional level. As Joshua’s general constitution strengthened, these weaknesses disappeared.

Trust in your child’s innate ability to heal. Know that everyone comes onto this planet with his or her own internal healing mechanism. In most cases we only need to stimulate and support these mechanisms, and health will surely follow.

*Name changed

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