Natural Treatment for Gastro-Intestinal Problems for Children

Natural Treatment for Gastro-Intestinal Problems for Children/Florida

Stomach and bowel issues are usually conditions that respond most readily and quickly to homeopathic medicine as a natural treatment for gastro-intestinal problems. Except in severe cases or where there are structural changes, almost all stomach and bowel problems will resolve well within three to four months. Oftentimes resolution comes within the first month, even sometimes within weeks.

These issues would include but not be limited to:

Acid reflux and heartburn
Diarrhea, undigested food
Colic (usually very simple and quick to resolve)
Nausea and vomiting

Gas and indigestion
Stomach pain

Pain after eating
Poor appetite and failure to thrive
Poor assimilation of food
Constipation (Responds but sometimes can be resistant – usually many factors are involved)

Gastro-intestinal issues will usually accompany autism and other disorders. In these cases, the G-I problems can sometimes resolve quickly, paving the way for the healing of other mental, physical and emotional symptoms. The increased general strength and comfort of your child will then support healing in all other areas that are affecting your child’s life.

Feel free to call me regarding any of these issues you may have with your child. I will be happy to speak with you and let you know how homeopathy can help in your own child’s case.