Natural Treatment for Hayfever and Allergies for Children

Natural Treatment for Hayfever and Allergies for Children

When seasonal allergens come into contact with the mucus membranes of little eyes, ears and noses, some children’s bodies overreact, producing histamine and other inflammatory chemicals, causing unpleasant itching, swelling and runny noses.  In addition, many children will get sinus headaches, lethargy and go into a state of just not feeling well.

Homeopathy is highly effective for the natural treatment for hayfever and allergies. The correct homeopathic medicine brings about a deeper healing and less chance of recurrence.

Why is this?  You can protect your child from 100 different allergens, but there will always be allergen number 101 out there waiting to cause a reaction in your child.  Homeopathy focuses on the host – your child, instead of the many outside influences that are so hard for us to control.  By gently strengthening your child’s entire immune system, homeopathic medicine simply limits his response to allergy-causing substances and allows him to achieve higher levels of comfort and health. Homeopathy supports and stimulates the immune system so that outside influences have less of an impact.  In addition, with homeopathic remedies kids will not get drowsiness, irritability or fatigue, which are common side effects of anti-histamines and some other medications.

The natural treatment of hay fever and seasonal allergies with homeopathy is expected to not only carry your child through this current illness, but will make him less susceptible to these problems in the future.

Please feel free to call Pamela at 321 363-3090 to discuss homeopathy as an alternative treatment for hay fever and allergies. I will be very happy to explain to you how homeopathy would work in your own child’s case. I will then invite you to talk this over with your spouse or parent and call back if you choose homeopathy for you to treat your child.