Natural Treatment for Heavy Metal Toxicity for Children

Natural Treatment for Heavy Metal Toxicity for Children

Our selected protocol is an extremely gentle method for extracting and eliminating heavy metals that is non-invasive, low risk and effective as a natural treatment for heavy metal toxicity.

There is seldom just one reason that children will suffer from the autism spectrum, brain damage, recurrent infections, ADD, ADHD and the like, but most often heavy metals will be one of the major culprits, and one of the most significant.

Some children may not have noticeable or immediate adverse effects when heavy metals enter the body, although illnesses may come later in life where the connection may or may not be made. Many children however, come onto this planet with more sensitivity than others, and will suffer from one or more of the above problems within only days, weeks, or months of being exposed. Children with a family history of cancer or diabetes tend to be more susceptible to all unhealthy influences.

In this excerpt, I will address mercury, as it is likely the most common and profoundly damaging of the heavy metals that our kids are exposed to. In addition, when mercury is removed, other heavy metals will follow. Children can receive mercury toxicity from the following sources: “silver” colored dental fillings including Mom’s own fillings passed on during gestation, some eye drops, many innoculations, industrial pollution, pesticides and from eating mercury contaminated seafood, among other reasons.

Mercury goes into the nucleus of all cells in the body. With susceptible children, often mercury will not leave the body until it is chelated out or maybe after many decades have passed. For this reason, mercury will continue to devastate the body, and the diseases caused will continue to progress. As mercury is liquid at room temperature it vaporizes at body temperature. This means that once it enters the body it spreads as a gas throughout, causing derangement in every system and every organ. Mercury has its strongest affinity for the brain, especially the tender new brain of a young child.

Mercury in the body can have insidious effects. No matter what you do for your child and no matter how successful some treatments have been, any disorders caused by mercury toxicity are likely to return. The good results often will not hold up for a long period of time if the sustaining cause – mercury in the body – is not removed.

Removal of mercury must be carried out with extreme caution!! Removal via intravenous therapy can cause other minerals to leach out too, and can also extract too much mercury from the cells at one time for your child’s organs to handle. In addition, many methods generally will not go deeply into the tissues to pull out the mercury that has buried itself there.

A far more serious hazard of chelation presents itself if there is not a strong heavy metal elimination system in place before the heavy metals are pulled out of the cells and into the blood stream. Without a clean-up mop in place, the “mercury storm” will simply circulate in your child’s vascular system without anywhere to go. Without this system in place, your child can experience very difficult symptoms.  Sometimes a miraculous short term improvement after chelation can occur and afterwards your child can become far sicker than he was before the chelation.

At Homeopathy for Children we support a chelating method that you can use to treat your child. Sometimes a child can have reactions when mercury is being pulled from the deeper tissues, and the homeopathic remedies will minimize the effect this has on the body. Any side effects from the heavy metal removal are normally quickly contained and reversed by reverting to a lower dose of the chelators for a period of time and by the use of homeopathic remedies.

If your child is having symptoms during chelation it is because the organs are unable to handle and eliminate the amount of mercury that was being pulled into the bloodstream, so using an easily manageable method is critical. Gentle is always the key!

For further information on this referenced information you may google mercury and Dietrich Klinghardt online. Also Hal Huggins DDS “It’s All in Your Head.”