What to Expect

What to Expect at Your Homeopathy for Children AppointmentI will meet with you and your child for about 1 ½ hours. You are welcome to bring your child’s other parent, a grand-parent or other close care-giver who may have information to share. For very young children, most of my observations will come from watching your child and speaking with you. I will ask for every bit of information about the Chief Complaint, and then will ask about everything else of concern or interest in all physical systems of the body, as well as mental and emotional symptoms, even including dreams.

When an older child is speaking, parents are requested not to interrupt, so that I can get into your child’s line of thinking and his own impressions of the world. You can tell your child that in my office, he rules!

After you leave my office I will put this information into a pattern and with the help of my software and my homeopathic library I will select a protocol of the homeopathic remedies that most closely matches where your child is out of balance. You then can give these remedies and his body will be stimulated to heal itself according to its own natural laws. This is classical homeopathic medicine practiced the way the founder of homeopathy intended.

Homeopathy works! Correct homeopathic remedies will have a positive impact on your child. As a bonus, far more often than not, complaints other than main complaints will begin to resolve. This is because you are not treating the disease. Rather, you are treating your individual child.

Every month at the beginning, we will meet over the phone so that we can see how far your child has come. At that time I will assess the healing process and make any changes or additions if the protocol requires.

Monthly visits gradually become more infrequent as healing continues and your understanding of the process deepens. At some point, you will call me only when you feel your child’s healing force needs to be stimulated again and we will set another appointment. In cases of chronic disease, getting better is a process rather than an overnight result, so for the best results you will need to stick with your homeopath until optimal results have been achieved.