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Homeopathy for Children is located in Central Florida near Orlando and we focus on the homeopathic treatment of children and mothers. We provided help for you and your child for any kind of mental, emotional or physical illness.

Homeopathy has demonstrated incredible effectiveness in treating people of all ages 

  1. Physical Ailments

    Children naturally have the power to heal themselves. This is why most children are able to get better on their own with a little rest and nutritional support. Unfortunately there are some kids who, for whatever reason, are unable on their own to overcome ailments such as recurring respiratory infections, ear infections, yeast proliferation etc. Their bodies simply do not have the resistance that they need in order to recover sufficiently. Sometimes these children will get on a cycle of antibiotics or anti-fungals and are never completely well between rounds. Homeopathy for Children uses Classical Homeopathy and is skilled in new and advanced homeopathic medicine methods serving Orlando and Central Florida.
    With a little nudge from well selected homeopathic medicine, these children are able to move forward towards better health. They will also be stronger when the next bug comes along and will be more able to resist it. This is because they use their own immune system to do the healing, making the immune system stronger in the process. In homeopathic medicine we recognize that it’s the host (your child) and not the bug that is the most important component of the equation.

  2. Mental/Emotional Ailments

    There are many factors that can cause our kids to be autistic or to have short attention spans, hyperactivity, or anger issues.  It is helpful for a homeopath to know if there is any immediate causation for such ailments, but a diagnosis or causative factor is not necessary for a solid homeopathic protocol selection.

    With homeopathic medicine we do not focus merely on the chief complaint. Rather, we focus on your child’s innate healing system in order to help him or her move forward. In most chronic cases, homeopathy is not a “magic bullet.” It simply stimulates a process of healing that comes from deep within your child and moves him forward to better health on all levels. Within a few days or weeks you will begin to see positive changes with the correct homeopathic remedies. Over a longer period of time, your child will still continue to move forward towards better and better health.

Please feel free to contact Homeopathy for Children via email with questions about you or your child's specific problems and I will be happy to speak with you regarding how homeopathy can help.


Childhood Conditions Treated with Homeopathy

There are very few conditions where homeopathy does not heal, greatly improve, or bring considerable relief. Many diseases for which there is “no cure” respond very well to homeopathic medicine. By addressing the person as a whole, homeopathy can treat a wide variety of ailments, diseases and symptoms. Homeopathy works well with short term acute illnesses such as the flu, as well as chronic conditions. The following is a list of chronic complaints most people will bring to Homeopathic Associates for assistance.

  1. Natural Treatment for ADHD / ADD

    Homeopathy offers a natural treatment for ADHD and ADD that has no side effects. In contrast, some of the more common side effects of medication used in the treatment of ADD and ADHD include hyperactivity, insomnia, restlessness, seizures, cardiac problems, diminished white and red blood cell counts, Tourette Syndrome, and growth retardation. In addition, long term side effects are not yet fully understood. It must be understood that these medications do not cure ADHD; they only control the symptoms on the day they are taken.

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  2. Natural Treatment for Behavior Problems

    More and more often we are seeing that many of our children are exhibiting behavioral problems both in school and at home. The answer is not always better discipline, or finding the best parenting approach; often these behavior issues will have a physiological base. A child with a compromised central nervous system may have a more difficult time staying still and following the rules. Children may be belligerent, even combative with parents, other children and teachers. This is difficult for parents, and you can be sure it is also difficult for your child. On the whole, kids want to behave and fit in well with family and friends.

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  3. Natural Treatment for Autism

    The homeopathic protocol used for children on the autism spectrum consists of three basic methods. I have consulted with parents of many autistic children in my practice, and have found many children so far to have experienced changes in behavioral and relationship skills after the correct homeopathic remedies. With a few children, some vast improvements come very quickly. More often, recovery is a longer process. Almost always, with the correct homeopathic remedies, there will be progress all along the way. As with any illness, the earlier the treatment has begun, the faster and deeper the recovery will be.

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  4. Natural Treatment for Failure To Thrive / Grow

    Failure To Thrive is defined as arrested physical growth, where height and weight measurements fall below the fifth percentile, or a downward change in growth across two major growth percentiles associated with poor developmental functioning.

    Also associated with Failure To Thrive can be hair loss, bed wetting, lack of focus, anger issues, irritability, lethargy, autism, weakness, lack of appetite. Most common are abdominal pain, abdominal distension and gas, often very foul smelling and vomiting/diarrhea. These last three will almost always indicate problems with assimilation of food.

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  5. Natural Treatment for Ear Infections

    Joshua* was only three years old, and he had already spent half of his short life on antibiotics. His parents found that the infections that were  being treated were never really going away, and that he was only getting weaker with every bout of illness and every round of antibiotic treatments.

    After awhile, he also developed dark circles under his eyes, a chronic runny nose and a frequent cough. He also began to develop more fears, especially around going to daycare. This was perhaps due to his general weakness and his inability to keep up with the other kids.

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  6. Natural Treatment for Respiratory Infections

    Timothy* (name changed) was only four years old and he had already spent the majority of his life on antibiotics due to chronic respiratory infections. His parents found that the respiratory infections were never really going away but only getting just a little better, alternating with being more seriously ill. In addition, he was getting weaker with every round of antibiotics. After awhile, he developed a persistent fever, a chronic runny nose and an unrelenting sore throat. He also began to develop more fears, especially when it came to social interaction. This was mostly due to his general weakness and his inability to keep pace with the other kids. At this point, after noticing no improvement by the use of antibiotics, Timothy’s parents began to do more research into a natural treatment for respiratory infections.

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  1. Natural Treatment for Allergies & Hayfever

    When seasonal allergens come into contact with the mucus membranes of little eyes, ears and noses, some children’s bodies overreact, producing histamine and other inflammatory chemicals, causing unpleasant itching, swelling and runny noses.  In addition, many children will get sinus headaches, lethargy and go into a state of just not feeling well.

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  2. Natural Treatment for Digestion Problems

    Stomach and bowel issues are the conditions that respond most readily and quickly to homeopathic medicine. Except in severe cases or where there are structural changes, almost all stomach and bowel problems will resolve well within three to four months. Oftentimes resolution comes within the first month, even sometimes within weeks.

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  3. Natural Treatment for Heavy Metal Toxicity

    Our selected protocol is an extremely gentle method for extracting and eliminating heavy metals that is non-invasive, low risk and effective.

    There is seldom just one reason that children will suffer from the autism spectrum, brain damage, recurrent infections, ADD, ADHD and the like, but most often heavy metals will be one of the major culprits, and one of the most significant.

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  4. Natural Treatment for Tonsillitis

    Your child’s tonsils and adenoids are there to protect his or her body against infection. Whenever possible, it’s always a good idea to keep these wonderful natural defense mechanisms in place. Tonsils produce white blood cells that literally devour invading organisms. Adenoids support the tonsils as defense mechanisms. When tonsils are doing their job, they are likely to swell, redden, and cause pain while bringing germ-eating white corpuscles to the area. The swelling is a healthy response. When swelling will not go away, this is not due to a fault of the tonsils but more likely to the fact the some kind of infection remains. In any case, frequent or constant swelling of the tonsils can be a concern to pediatricians and parents alike.

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  5. Natural Treatment for Infants

    I once heard a highly respected homeopath state that you can throw almost any homeopathic remedy at an infant and your child will get better. While this was said tongue in cheek and is also a bit of an exaggeration, it is true that infants are especially responsive to well selected homeopathic remedies. This is especially true in less serious illnesses such as colic, teething, nasal congestion, blocked tear ducts, ear infections, travel sickness, picky eating, diaper rash and the like.

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  6. Natural Treatment for Pregnancy Issues

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! You will experience so many wonderful and maybe not so wonderful feelings during this time while you anticipate this new addition to your family. Many soon-to-be mothers are searching for a natural treatment for pregnancy issues and that is where Homeopathy for Children comes into play. Homeopathy can help with so many issues that very often come up during pregnancy. Remember to consult your doctor if serious conditions threaten such as hypertension, excessive swelling, respiratory issues, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, contractions before week 37, serious depression or lessening of movement from your baby to name a few. After you consult with your doctor you may choose to add homeopathy.

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