Natural Treatment for Respiratory Infections for Children

Natural Treatment for Respiratory Infections for Children

Natural Treatment for Respiratory-Infections for Children in FloridaTimothy was only four years old and he had already spent many days of his young life on antibiotics due to chronic respiratory infections and allergies. His parents found that the respiratory infections were never really going away but only getting just a little less harsh, alternating with periods of experiencing more serious illness. In addition, he was getting weaker with every round of antibiotics. After awhile he developed a persistent fever, a chronic runny nose and a recurring sore throat. He also began to develop more fears at daycare, especially when it came to social interaction. This may have been due to his general weakness and his inability to keep pace with the other kids. At this point, after noticing no improvement with the use of antibiotics, Timothy’s parents began to do more research into a natural treatment for respiratory infections.

Alternative Treatments for Respiratory Infections

Parents and pediatricians alike are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of using antibiotics unnecessarily for respiratory, ear, and other infections. Overuse of antibiotics can lead to recurring infections, allergies, over-development of yeast and a weakened immune system. For these and many other reasons, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended avoidance of the use of antibiotics for viral conditions or mild infections in children.

The purpose of antibiotics is to kill harmful bacteria. If harmful invading bacteria were the only organisms killed by antibiotics there would be less of a problem. Unfortunately antibiotics also kill the beneficial organisms, especially those living in the gastro-intestinal tract of human beings. This offsets the balance of the immune system, eventually throwing a child’s general health into disarray.

Remember, your natural and healthy gut biome consists of 90% bacteria, viruses, even parasites, but in a balanced state these work for you. It’s not the bug, it’s the host, your child. This is where homeopathy comes into play.

Homeopathy for Respiratory Infections

In late autumn Timothy’s parents sought natural treatment of respiratory infections that continued to recur and for the weakness that had followed the multiple rounds of antibiotics. By the next spring his parents were happy to report that although the whole family had gotten the flu and several bad colds over the winter, Joshua did not get the flu at all and his colds were short lived and mild, as opposed to lasting pretty much throughout the winter as they had in the past. In addition, in the time since his parents have been using this natural treatment for respiratory infections for Timothy, his energy has increased and the dark circles under his eyes have almost completely disappeared.

Homeopathy is effective against any type of respiratory infection, bacterial or virus.

As an added bonus his nightmares are now gone and his fears have been greatly alleviated. These fears and the nightmares went away as a natural course of the homeopathic remedies. The reason for this is that homeopathic remedies do not address the disease; they address the general health of your child on a mental, emotional and physical level. As Joshua’s general constitution was strengthened, these weaknesses also disappeared.

Trust in your child’s innate ability to be healthy. Know that everyone comes onto this planet with his own internal healing mechanism. In most cases we only need to stimulate and support these mechanisms and lasting health will surely follow.

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