Natural Treatment for Behavior Problems for Children

Natural Treatment for Behavior Problems for ChildrenNatural Treatment for Behavior Problems for Children

Natural treatment for biting and hitting in children

Homeopathy for behaviors in children…

More and more frequently we are seeing that many of our children are exhibiting concerning behaviors both in school and at home. The answer is not always stronger discipline, or even in finding the best parenting approach. Often these behaviors will have a physiological base. A child with an over-excited central nervous system may have a difficult time staying still and following the rules. These kids may be belligerent and even combative with their parents, other children and even their teachers. This is difficult for parents and you can be sure it is also difficult for your child. Most kids want to behave and fit in with their families and friends. This is where homeopathy as an alternative treatment for anger and behaviors and an alternative treatment for biting in children of all ages can help.

Homeopathy for Behavior Problems in Children – Natural Treatment for Biting and other Behaviors in Children

Behaviors: Misbehaving, hitting, screaming, biting in children, running away, temper tantrums: all of these issues can be, and are addressed successfully with homeopathic medicine. An interview with you and your child, and my observation of your child would lead to the selection of homeopathic remedies that will address where the imbalance exists in the nervous system and the rest of the body. No system works alone, so all other systems of your child’s body will be looked after as well by these selected homeopathic remedies as natural treatment for behavior problems.

Barring extensive underlying issues, behavioral and anxiety problems tend to start coming into line within the first few months of homeopathic treatment and in my experience there are almost always noticeable changes within the first month, even the first week of treatment. For children who are autistic, hyperactive, or who have recurrent infections for example, your child’s unruly behavior is one of the first symptoms to start coming back into alignment. With these nervous system imbalances self-correcting and the central nervous settling down, your child will be more secure and less needful of acting out or dominating their parents and other people. When this happens, it opens the door to whatever other healing needs to take place.

It makes for a happier child and it also makes for a happier family.

Pamela Swanson RN CCH RSHom(NA) C.HP Homeopath and CEASE certified Therapist, located near Orlando, Florida; specializes in homeopathy for children. She welcomes guests from throughout Central Florida, Jacksonville, Tampa whoever is in need of homeopathic treatment for behavior problems in children. Free 10 – 15 minute phone consultation so we can determine what homeopathy may be able to do for your child. For further information on natural treatments for behaviors in children, (this line does not receive texts) please contact Pamela Swanson.