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Homeopathy for Children and Moms offers Homeopathy as a profound healing treatment. Deep within every one of the trillions of cells in the human body is a set of instructions. Instead of coming up with directives for healing, homeopathic medicine serves to stimulate this set of instructions. This is the Vital Healing Force that lies within each human being. We cannot know why a Vitamin D level is low for example, or why a particular hormone level is high at any given time. However, the inner healing force is fully aware of how these imbalances have been brought about in order to maintain the equilibrium in our body that is crucial for survival. Once the inner imbalance is corrected, the body itself brings about the proper level of minerals and hormones. Following this, all of the other vital components of the human system can begin to balance themselves out as well.

Suppressants: Underlying Cause of Chronic Illnesses

Once these corrections are brought about by your child’s body, he would be well on his way to better and better health. These corrections would improve upon all levels: mental, emotional and physical. Everything that suppresses this all-knowing set of instructions is behind every chronic illness. These suppressing factors can occur and affect your child in utero, during labor and delivery, in infancy or early childhood, and of course in later years in life.

The list of likely suppressions include a vast array of medicines (even aspirin or Tylenol when given to suppress a healing fever), as well as inoculations, radiation, and poisons like pesticides and toxic products. It includes unnatural ingredients in our food, and also heavy metals, especially mercury which can come from many sources. Unfortunately there is a long list of substances that can be encountered which can negatively impact your child’s general health.

The Use of Homeopathy to Treat Childhood Conditions

Homeopathy for children works by stimulating the whole body’s innate healing mechanism (the Vital Force). Once the Vital Force is properly activated, your child can restore himself to health. Homeopathic remedies can and do break the stalemate that is causing disease: mental, emotional and physical.

Healing of long term disease must come from within. In order to regain and maintain health, we can limit noxious influences to a certain extent but we cannot control all of them. What really matters is the host, your child, his Vital Force, his immune system. This is where homeopathy shines, all the way down to the cellular level.

Homeopathic medicine comes in a highly diluted form, so there would be no known toxic effects. Homeopathy reaches deep into the cells on an energetic level where the changes need to begin. The remedies are chosen by observation of the symptoms that the Vital Force is producing in order to regain equilibrium and to restore the body to Health.

Homeopathy is practiced widely in South and Central America and Europe, and is becoming more and more prevalent as parents are finding its success. The royal family has its own personal homeopathic physician. Did you ever wonder why Queen Elizabeth was able to keep such a grueling schedule for such a long lifetime? Surely homeopathic medicine contributed to this. King Charles is a strong supporter of homeopathic medicine. Many other cities in Europe and farther east still boast homeopathic hospitals. In India and other Eastern countries, homeopathic doctors get the same amount of education that Medical Doctors receive here in the States, and many of their governments support the use of homeopathy.

History of Homeopathic Remedies

At the turn of the century, around 22 medical schools in the United States taught homeopathic medicine or had their own homeopathic medical departments. Among this list is Boston University, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Iowa and Hahnemann Medical College. Most major cities had homeopathic hospitals. New York state itself had 20 major hospitals around the turn of last century and Flower Hospital treated 20,000 patients in one year, at a time when that was a great proportion of our country’s population. Homeopathic medicine met with resistance in the 1800’s, and is only now making a grass roots resurgence.

Well documented statistics remain in the City of Philadelphia archives which indicate the overwhelming success of homeopathy in treating the 1918 “flu” pandemic. Clinics and hospitals show that the death rate from this virus was around 1% in the homeopathic hospitals and around 30% in the conventional hospitals.

Why was homeopathy so successful during this pandemic? Scientists and doctors did not know which bugs were causing this illness, but this did not matter to the homeopathic physicians. There was no need to isolate the individual infectious agent, since the focus of homeopathy is on the individual’s Vital Force.

For further information on Homeopathy, please see the National Center for Homeopathy web site at www.homeopathycenter.org.

Rina Amir RCHom and Pamela Swanson RN CCH RSHom(NA) C.HP are Classical Homeopaths, located in Orlando, Florida; specialize in homeopathy for children and moms. English and Hebrew (and some Russian) speaking clients who are in need of homeopathic treatment for children and adults.  For further information on Homoeopathic solutions for children and adults, please contact Rina Amir .