Natural Treatment for Autism for Children

Natural Treatment for Autism for Children in Florida

Natural Treatment for Autism for ChildrenThe homeopathic protocol used for children on the autism spectrum consists of three basic methods:

1. The first method is the selection of a homeopathic remedy protocol that will serve to stimulate the healing mechanism of your child. This holistic and natural treatment for autism is intended to bring your child back into balance so that he can move forward towards better health. We will know that these are the correct remedies when symptoms begin to improve. The first symptoms to improve and even disappear completely are usually the G-I symptoms. This change alone makes a big difference, because these issues can affect not only your child’s comfort, but also his healing going forward. The G-I system represents 80% of the immune system.

2. When we run into healing blocks, or “obstacles to cure” there are methods that can be used in order to remove them. Remedies specific to these blocks will be employed as a natural treatment for autism. An example would be: a child whose autistic behaviors worsened after surgery where the child took days to recover from the anesthesia can be given homeopathic remedies to address the anesthesia.

In order to remove these “obstacles to cure”, the correct homeopathic remedies would be given in specific intervals in order to open these blockages from most recent to early childhood and even sometimes Mom’s pregnancy and labor and delivery. There is seldom one factor alone that has brought your child to the diagnosis of the autism spectrum. All of the potential factors may need to be addressed.

Once these obstacles to cure have been cleared, progress will be able to more easily kick back in.

Homeopathy for Autistic Children

I have consulted with parents of many autistic children in my practice, and have found many children so far to have experienced changes in behavioral and relationship skills after the correct homeopathic remedies.

With a few children, some vast improvements come very quickly. More often, recovery is a longer process. Almost always, with the correct homeopathic remedies, there will be progress all along the way. As with any illness, the earlier the treatment has begun, the faster and deeper the recovery will be.

CEASE AUTISM NOW trained. Pamela uses a modified method of the CEASE protocol which includes removal of obstacles to cure. Also she uses homeopathy in low potencies to ensure minimal or non-existent aggravations during path to cure.

What to Expect with Homeopathic Treatment for Autism

Responses vary, of course. Generally, the first response within a month or two, after using a natural treatment for autism, will be a little more contact and interest in other people. Within a month or two I find that children whose parents are treating their child with homeopathy for autism will find that their children are simply happier and look healthier. Eating issues often begin to resolve, thin kids will put on weight (see my failure to thrive page). I see that comprehension sometimes  starts to increase pretty quickly.

As always, a child’s restoration to health varies in time and level of improvement. However, every time I have consulted on a case where the parents have committed to their choice of homeopathy as an alternative treatment of autism I have seen major improvements.

For more information on how Pamela Swanson consults with parents on natural treatment of autism, see Pamela Swanson’s interview with Christina Mueller with The Homeopathic College.

Pamela Swanson RN CCH RSHom(NA) C.HP Homeopath and CEASE certified Therapist, located in Orlando, Florida; specializes in homeopathy for children. She welcomes guests from throughout Central Florida who are in need of homeopathic treatment for autism for children. For further information on natural treatments for children, please contact Pamela Swanson.