Natural Treatment for Pregnancy Issues

Natural Treatment for Pregnancy Issues for Mothers in Florida

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You will experience so many wonderful and maybe not so wonderful feelings during this time while you anticipate this new addition to your family. Many soon-to-be mothers are searching for a natural treatment for pregnancy issues and that is where Homeopathy for Children comes into play. Homeopathy can help with so many issues that very often come up during pregnancy. Remember to consult your doctor if serious conditions threaten such as hypertension, excessive swelling, respiratory issues, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, contractions before week 37, serious depression or lessening of movement from your baby to name a few. After you consult with your doctor in these cases, you may do very well to add homeopathy.

Pregnancy is a test of a woman’s health. If a woman’s state of Vitality is high she blooms at this time. Most of us are not in a perfect state of Vitality, so many moms-to-be can experience some problems that accompany these major shifts in their bodies. Everything is exaggerated during this time of intense changes, hormonal activity and the evolution of a new life!

Most drugs are contraindicated during this time, but not to worry. Homeopathy shines here! And bonus: two for one. When you take the homeopathic remedies, your baby is treated by the homeopathic remedies as well. Homeopathy offers the most rapid, gentle and permanent solutions for those issues that arise during pregnancy, and it does this without side effects. Homeopathy is safe for you, your gestating child, your newborn baby and your child throughout his or her entire life.

Common Pregnancy Issues

Anything that your body has the potential to heal, homeopathy can bring that healing about. The following conditions are the most common problems that we offer a natural treatment for.

  • Morning sickness
  • Bladder infections
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Indigestion
  • Malpresentation
  • Post Partum Blues

Morning sickness, bladder infections, indigestion and hemorrhoids will normally respond very quickly to homeopathic medicine.

Sad feelings sometimes come about due to the hormonal changes that are necessary for your body to experience while your baby is growing inside of  you. This can happen no matter how welcome and joyful the event. Over and over, Pamela Swanson has seen weeping and sadness disappear almost overnight with homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating your body to bring your hormones back into balance so that you can enjoy this awesome time of your life.

Homeopathy offers a terrific natural treatment for postpartum blues!

That said, longstanding depression that has manifested itself before pregnancy will take more healing time. In her long term experience, relief of major depression will normally begin within the first month of homeopathic treatment but more complete and lasting healing would be a longer term endeavor.

Natural Treatment for Labor and Delivery

Pamela Swanson would also be happy to walk you through which homeopathic remedies can be very effective during labor and delivery. If you plan to have your baby at a birthing center they often will use a little homeopathy and would likely be open to your using it to help with anxiety, pain, anger, failure to progress, turning the baby into the proper position etc. Two moms have come to me with babies in the wrong position and homeopathy has turned both babies.

In many countries homeopathy is used regularly in the delivery room.

Pamela Swanson RN CCH RSHom(NA) C.HP Classical Homeopath, located near Orlando, Florida; specializes in homeopathy for children. She welcomes guests from throughout Central Florida, including Jacksonville and Tampa who are in need of a natural treatment for pregnancy issues. For further information on natural treatments for children or expectant mothers, please contact Pamela Swanson.