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Natural Treatments for Children in Florida

Natural Treatments for Children in FloridaThere are very few childhood conditions where homeopathy will not heal, greatly improve, or bring considerable relief for your child. Many diseases for which there is “no cure” respond very well to homeopathy. By addressing your child as a whole person, homeopathy can treat a wide variety of childhood conditions, ailments, diseases and symptoms. These natural treatments for children work very well with short term acute illnesses such as the flu or a sprain as well as in chronic conditions. The following is a list of chronic complaints most people will bring to Homeopathy for Children for assistance.

Note: This list does not cover every childhood ailment for which I provide consultation –  only the most common ones I see in my practice.

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Physical Ailments – Natural Treatments for Children

Children naturally have the power to heal themselves. This is why many children are able to get better on their own with a little rest and nutritional support. Unfortunately there are some kids who, for whatever reason are unable on their own to overcome ailments such as recurring respiratory infections, ear infections, yeast proliferation etc. Their bodies simply do not have the resistance they need in order to recover sufficiently. Sometimes these children will get on a cycle of antibiotics or anti-fungals and are never completely well between rounds. Pamela Swanson at Central Florida’s Homeopathy for Children is trained in Classical Homeopathy and is also skilled in new and advanced homeopathic medicine methods.

With a little nudge from well selected homeopathic remedies, these children are able to come back into balance and move forward towards better health. Your child will also be stronger when the next bug comes along and will be more able to resist it. This is because he uses his own immune system to do the healing, making the immune system stronger in the process. In homeopathic medicine we recognize that it’s the host (your child) and not the bug that is the most important component of the equation.

Mental/Emotional Ailments – Natural Treatments for Children

There are many factors that can cause our kids to be autistic or to have short attention spans, hyperactivity, or anger and behavior issues. It is helpful for a homeopath to know if there is any immediate causation for such ailments, but a diagnosis or causative factor is not necessary for a solid homeopathic protocol selection and natural healing of autism, ADD, ADHD, behavior problems and other mental/emotional issues.

With homeopathic medicine we do not focus merely on the chief complaint. Rather, we focus on your child’s innate healing system in order to help him or her move forward. In most chronic cases, homeopathy is not a “magic bullet.” It simply stimulates a process of healing that comes from deep within your child and moves him forward to better health on all levels. Within a few days or weeks you would normally begin to see positive changes mentally, physically and emotionally with the correct homeopathic remedies. Over a longer period of time, your child will still continue to move forward towards better and better health.

If you have questions about your child’s specific problems, we will be happy to speak with you regarding what homeopathy can do for your own child. You are welcome to call for information or to make an appointment if you want to consider Homeopathy for Children to support your child’s restoration of health.

Rina Amir and Pamela Swanson RN CCH RSHom(NA) C.HP are Classical Homeopaths, located in Orlando, Florida; specialize in homeopathy for children and moms. English and Hebrew speaking guests who are in need of homeopathic treatment for children and adults.  For further information on natural treatments for children, please contact Rina Amir .