Homeopathic Treatment For Children and Moms

What to Expect With Homeopathic Treatment For Children

What to Expect at Your Homeopathy for Children AppointmentInitial Homeopathic Consultation

Currently meetings are by video. 

When you come for Homeopathic appointment I will meet with you and your child for about one to 2 hours. You are welcome to bring your child’s other parent, a grand-parent or other close care-giver who may have information to share. For very young children, most of my observations come from watching your child and speaking with you. First, I ask for information about the Chief Complaint. Next, I will take a brief family history and ask about everything in each physical system of the body, as well as mental and emotional symptoms, including dreams, fears, anger triggers.

When an older child is speaking, parents are requested not to interrupt. This helps me to get into your child’s line of thinking and his own impressions of the world. You can tell your child that in my office, he rules! When the exact answer is needed, I will turn respectfully to you for your impressions.

After Initial Homeopathic Consultation

After you leave the session, I will analyze the information gathered and select the homeopathic remedies that most closely match where your child is out of balance. You then can give these remedy to your child and his body will be stimulated to heal itself according to its own natural laws.

Every month after our initial appointment, we will have a 1.5-2 hour appointment over video session so that we can see how far your child has come. At that time, I will suggest further course of action.
Problems take time to develop and it requires some time to resolve.

Homeopathy works! The well selected homeopathic treatment you use for your children will have a very  positive impact on your child’s life (and yours as well). As a bonus, complaints other than the main complaints you came to resolve will also begin to resolve. This is because you are not treating the disease, rather you are treating your own child and he is using his own immune system to heal himself.

Rina Amir and Pamela Swanson RN CCH RSHom(NA) C.HP are Classical Homeopaths, located in Orlando, Florida; specialize in homeopathy for children and moms. English and Hebrew speaking guests who are in need of homeopathic treatment for children and adults.  For further information on natural treatments for children, please contact Rina Amir .