Natural Alternative to va*cines – Homeopathic Immunization

natural treatment alternative to vaccinations

You may want to consider this natural alternative to vaccines – Homeopathic Immunization. (some refer to this as homeopathic va*cination but this wording is incorrect – it is not a vaccine). More and more parents and pediatricians are having concerns about va*cinating our children. For example, they may question the need for a Hepatitis B shot shortly after birth, as their babies are unlikely to have any risk factors for this illness, which is transmitted solely by sharing of blood (transfusions, sexual contact, sharing of needles).

Additionally, parents also may recognize some of the childhood diseases that are we are va*cinating against as being benign and easily treatable. With a little more study, they may find that acquiring some diseases in young childhood such as chickenpox not only gives lifelong immunity but educates the system against many other illnesses as well, a shotgun approach to potentizing the immune system, you might say.

There is an alternative to vaccination: Homeopathic Immunization, referred to as Homeoprophylaxis (HP). HP has been used for centuries in many countries as a natural alternative to va*cines.
The homeopathic remedies work down at the cellular level in order to impact the immune system for each illness that is addressed – one disease at a time, as the body has never been meant to fight diseases on multiple fronts. HP is given orally in the form of tiny sweet pellets that dissolve easily in your child’s mouth. For infants, the remedies can be dissolved in water easily and you can give them just a few drops of this solution.

How Homeopathic Immunizations Work

Homeopathic Immunization involves giving homeopathic remedies in order to stimulate an immune response in your child’s system. With this homeprophylaxis (HP) your child’s immune system is educated to react and provide immunity that will adapt naturally as he grows and is exposed to changing circumstances in his life. This would be similar to actually getting the illness and achieving natural immunity. HP has a broad action as well, so for example when the measles virus mutates, as it very frequently does, HP still has you covered.

In addition, Homeopathic Immunization not only educates the body to fight the diseases it was designed to fight, but oftentimes also to fight many of those illnesses that are related to that particular disease. This is because Homeopathic Immunization confers a general immunity, as opposed to a specific immunity. It is important to understand that this homeopathic immunization, known as Homeoprophylaxis:

  • Serves to engage the immune system with our environment which normalizes one’s relationship to bacteria and viruses.
  • Stimulates immunity towards infectious contagious disease while preserving your child’s health.
  • Enhances normal childhood development through gentle immunological stimulation.
  • Is an alternative to vaccination for infectious disease prevention without the attendant risks that come with vaccines.
  • Benefits the individual and the “herd” by gently stimulating adaptability in the person and the population.*

* From Free and Healthy Children International, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to research, education and access to Homeopathic immunization.

HP satisfies the process of naturally acquired disease by providing an attenuated dose made homeopathically from the disease tissue (and no harmful additives at all) that stimulates the immune system effectively without the same risks. Once the homeopathic remedy has been diluted and succussed many times in a laboratory and using homeopathic methods consistent worldwide there is only the energy of the disease that remains. The body perceives the remedy as the disease and responds accordingly very similarly to if he had been exposed to the actual disease. The homeopathic remedy falls away immediately, as it exists only in an energetic form, but the immune system has been impacted and is prepared for any exposure to the illness. The white blood cells will be ready and willing to release the Natural Killer cells when they are called upon.

Which Children Can Receive this homeopathic alternative to a vaccine – Homeopathic Immunization? (sometimes referred to as a homeopathic vaccine although it is not a vaccine).

HP is for children who have:

  • Never been va*cinated
  • Been partially va*cinated
  • Been completely va*cinated

Furthermore, in the case of children who have received all or some of the va*cines, HP can offer a great service by potentially minimizing some of the side effects that may have been caused by each va*cine. There are many studies which have clearly shown the efficacy of Homeoprophylaxis, which has been used successfully for over 200 years. Isaac Golden M.D. has published a fifteen year study that shows children who have undertaken HP are healthier than children who have not with charts showing occurrences of ear infections, respiratory infections etc. The more recently completed study conducted by Kate Birch in Minnesota confirms all of Dr. Golden’s findings. HP has shown in these studies to be as effective as regular vaccines and in some cases more effective.

Also since the immune system has been exercised, results of these studies are showing fewer mental or emotional issues and far fewer physical illnesses even than in unvaccinated children who have not had homeopathic immunization.

HP is taken by mouth and easily administered at home. There is no taste or smell with homeoprophylaxis. In my personal experience not one child has complained about taking the remedy.

Some may refer to HP as holistic va*cination, homeopathic va*cination, alternative va*cination or natural va*cination but these would be misnomers. HP is not a va*cination, but is an immunization and an education of the body to fight the particular illness and those illnesses that are related to the illness targeted. There are no needles involved.

Many other countries’ governments utilize this natural alternative to va*cines regularly with great success, especially in the case of infectious viruses and bacteria. Many country’s governments are supporting homeopathy and HP for the current virus manifesting and generally recognized in 2019. [Note: India, which widely uses HP has one of the lowest C*VID-19 death and hospitalization rates in the world]

Pamela Swanson RN CCH RSHom(NA) Certified in Homeoprophylaxis Homeopath and CEASE certified Therapist, located near Orlando, Florida; specializes in homeopathy for children. She welcomes clients from throughout Central Florida and beyond, who are in need of homeopathic treatment. For further information on an alternative to vaccinations for children, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to answer further questions you may have regarding how homeoprophylaxis works.